Prisma TT
Since 2006


Modular in structure, Prisma TT can handle the nature evolution of switchboards and integrate new functions as required. Maintenance operations are fast and easy, thanks to local access to switchgear and the use of standard components. Prisma TT compliance to the Fully Type Tested Assemblies (TTA) such as IEC 61439-1& 2, BSEN 60439-1.


It can be used in main and sub main distribution boards, motor control centers because of its modular construction, totally enclosed busbars and busbar risers in compartment separated with metallic partitions. It can be accessed from both the ends (i.e. front or rear access and top or bottom cable entry) and also adapts all Schneider Electric products for your project needs.


  • Current Rating upto 3200A
  • Form of segregation: Form-4 upto Type6


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