Quality Control
Since 2006


Switchgear International uses latest quality control measures to review the quality of all factors involved in production.


We use various test according Schneider Electric’s policy to ensure quality is being maintained at every stage of production. We test frame assemblyof enclosures, Main busbars assembly, components placements inside the enclosures, power &control circuit, final inspection and various checks like labeling, terminal marking etc. We do functional tests for breakers and switches, Earth Leakage devices, Meters, Motor starter control circuit and Simulation tests as per project requirements.


We do the following routine tests as per latest IEC standards:

 1. Dielectric Test

 2. Verification of the screw connections ( Random verification by torque wrench)

 3. Verification of the electric continuity of the protection circuits

 4. Ducter Test ( Contact resistance test on busbar connections)

 5. Verifications of the control operations




Integrated Test bench 1 No.
High voltage test kit rated upto5KV AC (Dielectric test) 2 Nos.
Insulation resistance test kitrated upto 5KV DC (Meggertest) 2Nos.
Micro ohm meter rated upto 10A DC(Low resistance test) 2 Nos.
Primary Injection test kit rated upto 2000A 1 No.
Mobile type Primary Injection test kit upto 400A (For site tests) 1 No.
Digital clamp meter rated upto 2000A 3 Nos.
Torque wrench (0-20NM, 10-60NM & 20-120NM) Each 1 No.
Schneider Full function ACB test kit 1 No.
Schneider Full function MCCB test kit 1 No.
Simulation test kit 1 No.


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