Since 2006


Our factory is equipped with adequate and the latest facilities and machineries such as:

Hydraulic Busbar cutting, bending & punching machine 2 Nos.
Hydraulic Busbar bending machine - mobile type 1 No.
Hydraulic Busbarcutting machine – mobile type 1 No.
Bench Drilling machine 3 Nos.
Circular Saw Machine   2 Nos
Jig saw cutting machine 3 Nos.
Hand drilling/ tapping machine   3 Nos.
Battery operated cord less Drilling Machine 7 Nos.
Heat Gun   3 Nos.
Manual Sheet steel/ shroudsheet bending machine 1 No.
Sheet Steel Punching Machine – Mobile type 1 No.
DIN Rail Cutting Machine 1 No
Automatic Laser Label printing machine 1 No.
Automatic Digital Ferrule printing machine   1 No.



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