Since 2006



To enable our team to keep themselves updated and have a continuous professional training, we provide them a library facility which has the most relavent manuals and books.
  • Full Set of Schneider Catalogues, Electrical Guides... (Hard and Soft Copies)
  • 4 Quick – Devis Pricing Software ( Including full component  Database)
  • 5 CAD Design Software
  • 1 Shared software design Library
  • 1 Ecodial from Schneider Electric
  • IEC 61439-2 International standard
  • Copper Development Association (C.D.A) Publications on Copper Busbars




Testing is not only an essential part of the production procedures, it is an unavoidable of it. In addition to the Type Tests of the CUBIC, Prisma TT & Blockset System which Switchgear International WLL follows strictly, routine tests in line with the recommendation of the IEC 60439-1:2004, Article 8.3.


To that end, Switchgear International WLL - is equipped with the necessary testing bench and equipments.


  • 2 set of High voltage test kit Up to 5KV AC (Dielectric test) 
  • 2 set of Megger ohm meter Up to 5KV DC (Insulation resistance test)
  • 2 set of Micro ohm meter Up to 10A DC (Low resistance test)
  • 1 set of Primary injection test  kit Up to 7000A  (ACB,MCCB & CT primary injection test)
  • 1 set of Primary injection test  kit Up to 400A  (REF protection test)
  • 1 set of Secondary injection test  kit (Relay test)
  • 3 set of Digital clamp meter up to 2000A 
  • 3 set of Digital Multimeter

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